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About Meditative-exercise

What is Meditative-Exercise?

Meditative-Exercise™ (M-E) is a way of capturing the benefits of meditation, meditation-like exercises (such as qigong, tai chi, and yoga), acupuncture, and osteopathic or chiropractic adjustments at the same time. M-E can be practiced as exercise, meditation, and/or medical or physical therapy. Yoga practices like stretching and posture-holding; the slow, gentle movements of qigong and tai-chi, meditation/mindfulness practices, and the manual osteopathic medicine combine to create innovative strategies for preventative medicine and recovery from common health concerns. M-E offers specific exercises designed for Health, for Martial Artists, Athletes, and Performing Artists, and for Meditation and Personal Growth.

The practices Dr. Laseter advocates produce immediate, observable, and reproducible results

After nearly thirty years of training and practice in Osteopathic Medicine and Chinese methods of healing and energy cultivation, Dr. Laseter found a way to blend these divergent paradigms into a system of health maintenance and personal growth. He recognized that certain postures and movements, when paired with corresponding mental processes, activate the meridians of Chinese medicine used in acupuncture. The needles in acupuncture are inserted into points found along channels known as meridians. The meridians link muscles together into functional chains and connect to the organs that they are named for. A brief bibliography of the benefits of meditation, tai chi and yoga is available by clicking here.

What Are the Benefits?

Everyone can practice and benefit from M-E, regardless of age, level of fitness, or health issues!

The initial benefits of practicing ME include greater immunity, healing, and increased energy. Later, unusual physical strength and psychological sensitivity develop, culminating in refinements in awareness and intuition. This special strength is known as ‘integral’ (as in integrated) or ‘whole-body’ strength. It represents enhanced coordination of the postural muscles allowing for movement that is both unusually graceful and remarkably strong. There is an element of enhancing integral strength in any successful adjustment in the context of manipulative or acupuncture treatment as well. Beyond these physical concerns, M-E is a way to enhance any vocation, enliven any activity and unlock creativity.

We seek medical care that often does little to resolve the underlying physiological imbalance that instigated the symptoms. Like a hard drive, when less of your brain is occupied by pain or poorly coordinated muscle and organ function you gradually open new vistas in mental clarity and emotional equanimity. In 15-25 minutes per day, you can balance your meridians like an acupuncturist and adjust your bones like a chiropractor. Deeper and more prolonged practice over time transforms our physical and mental capacity helping us realize more of our true potential.

How Does It Work?

The correct mental focus sets the stage for altering our overall balance, which we call ‘central equilibrium’. Acupuncture and manual medicine exert obvious effects on our balance in real-time. However, because we administer our treatments with patients in recumbent positions, no one appreciates this critical aspect of treatment. We explore this fully in M-E.

Assuming the associated posture lowers the threshold for the activation of each of the meridians. The precise movement, when correctly timed, results in an adjustment of our muscles, fascia, joints, even the position of our organs. This is accomplished through an understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of the meridian system. Students quickly recognize the effect on their balance and movement when engaging in M-E. We let our central equilibrium guide our efforts like a curb keeping us from running off the road. Eventually, we no longer notice the road and its curbs. It is our way to follow the balance inherent in our central equilibrium. This is a new and systematic method for opening the channels, which is key to healing and longevity in Chinese traditions. Once balance is enhanced in this manner, we function better on all levels. Imbalances can deteriorate into degenerative diseases.


About Dr. Chris Laseter


A native of the Bay Area, Dr. Laseter competed in Olympic style weightlifting and karate as a
young man. He sustained many injuries and obtained first-hand knowledge of chronic pain and disability. This was his path into the healing arts. He is passionate about Daoism, Zen and Chinese Internal Arts, including Tai Chi and Qigong.
Blending techniques learned from nearly thirty years of training in both osteopathy and Chinese arts, he developed a program for healing and personal development calls Meditative-Exercise™.

Dr. Laseter studied a number of systems of qigong and internal martial arts over the last 30 years. His most important teacher is Grandmaster Sam Tam of Vancouver, Canada.

Through his generous guidance, Dr. Laseter acquired some ability to work with energy.
He maintains a private medical practice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he specializes in classical osteopathic medicine and acupuncture. His unique approach has allowed him to see patients from three continents and many of the fifty states. he lectures nationally and internationally on osteopathic and traditional Chinese medicine.

He lives in Lancaster with his wife Leigh Grant, a ballet dancer and coach. They share their home with their three cats William, Harry and George.

About Dr Laseter

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