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Group classes are offered in a series format to nurture the journey to transformation. We currently only offer group classes via Zoom. Please see our Summer schedule below.

Our classes are informal, fun and profound all at the same time. By working with your energy, we are usually able to make obvious and sustainable changes in pain, range of motion and mental clarity right on the spot. It can be quite entertaining! The unique and innovative methods of thinking and moving captivate and inspire, but the key is how participating makes you feel. No previous experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

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Meditation and exercise are the tools of transformation. Why just exercise in a mindless way, risking injury? Why waste time meditating on your own without the precious guidance of someone who can transmit something beyond understanding? Too much sitting is potentially a risk to your health as great as smoking. In our Meditative-Exercise we harness the efficiency of combining stillness and movement, meditation, and exercise at the same time. Demonstrable skills from manipulative medicine, energy work and internal martial arts aid in the sharing. While they delight and draw useful attention to Meditative-Exercise they are not the goal. Like health, wisdom, and compassion, they are simple byproducts and useful skills resulting from correct practice.

Transformation, not just health, not self-improvement. We don’t need improvement. You already possess what you need, and you are indeed perfect as you are. You are also unique, not the best rather, the one and only. We need to look inside to discover this truth. It is only there that we find it. A few steps on this journey reveals this to be self-evident. Improved health is a byproduct of correct practice. It is among the first and easiest changes to achieve.

Our change into a class series nurtures the journey to transformation. 

If you are experiencing specific medical problems, please call our office at
717.394. 2071 to make sure Meditative Exercise class will be the best fit for your current needs.


Zoom classes are held every other Saturday morning from 9:30-11:00 AM Eastern Time

5 Zoom Sessions

$75 for full series or $20 Single Class rate


MAY 6, 2023

MAY 20, 2023

JUNE 3, 2023

JUNE 17, 2023

JULY 15, 2023


 what students are saying

“Attending Dr. Laseter’s meditative exercise classes is an economical way to experience his healing presence. We perform simple movements that address the group’s common health issues that may be related to the season, weather, time of day or other environmental stresses. At the end of class, he addresses individual health challenges. I always leave class feeling as if my body is lighter. The annoying foggy head or cramped stomach or random ache is gone.  With my body properly aligned and energy balanced, I move through the rest of my day with ease."

Chris I.


The following readings provide additional background and information that supplement learning in our Meditative Exercise classes.
For additional reading, please visit our
Class Reading page.

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