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Guided ME

Guided Meditative-Exercise

Increasingly, Dr Laseter is asked to help people in other states. He has developed protocols through Meditative-Exercise to facilitate improvements in physical and mental function that can be delivered over video. When done individually or for small groups, he calls this Guided Meditative-Exercise. Using the sensitivity and awareness developed through training in Chinese meditative traditions, Dr Laseter can unlock innate healing abilities within your body, even at a distance. Medical qigong, Buddhist and Taoist sects have long-standing distance and group healing traditions. How does this work?


When students were unable to attend Meditative-Exercise classes, Dr Laseter relied on walking them through the Movement as Medicine protocols in a live video format. It became apparent that people experienced improvement that they could not reproduce as well on their own by doing the exercises given as homework. Healing was happening during the calls and he gradually identified the skills that can be used to induce healing reactions at a distance. It has taken many years to acquire this skill.


Guided Meditative-Exercise consists of an observational assessment and energetic intervention which is not bound by the current understanding of time and space.


Rather than speculate about the very interesting possibilities as to how this works, Dr Laseter encourages you to instead focus on the experience. Most people can feel the effect as he works during the session. Many sensations associated with clearing energetic blockages are possible, but the most reliable indicators are changes in balance and easing restricted movement. No one need accept anything on faith. Those close enough to Lancaster can experience this first-hand in our Meditative-Exercise classes, or whenever they are offered via Zoom. The ‘group healing’ phenomena became apparent a several years ago in Meditative-Exercises classes. There he could make objective assessments using tests of muscle function, range of motion and subjective responses from class members to guided group meditation.


The sessions can be divided into two parts:


  1. Passive distance healing

  2. Active demonstration/instruction in Meditative-Exercise and other suggestions


Passive distance healing requires you to get into a comfortable position and relax with no distractions. Conversation is limited. He will do the work. Meditative-Exercise is described in this website. Dr Laseter will work with you demonstrating, teaching, and observing as you learn to perform the movements with the correct intention.


The COVID-19 pandemic has sharply reduced our health maintaining activities. Guided Meditative-Exercise is a way to support those who are rightfully concerned about minimizing their exposure through the most serious public health crisis in our lifetime. Dr Laseter is pleased to be able to assist you in fortifying health during these difficult times. 


"Dr. Laseter’s medical expertise and treatments have greatly improved the health and quality of life for everyone in my family, for over 25 years. How wonderful to think we now may receive Guided Meditative-Exercise when we are in need, but may be miles a part. We may be separated by distance, but not from the space, wherein healing occurs".

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GUIDED M-E Details

Start the Guided ME journey by requesting an evaluation. Email Dr Laseter describing your situation and intentions. If Dr Laseter thinks he can help you, then a clothed, frontal picture will be requested for a preliminary assessment. If he sees what to do for you, Dr Laseter will schedule your Guided M-E session.

Once your assessment is completed by Dr Laseter, he will schedule the  Guided ME session. These sessions can be done through several of virtual platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, or Skype. You can record the Guided ME sessions, so you can access the strategies, exercises, and techniques Dr Laseter provides you during your session.

Once you have a confirmed date of your session, you may pay online in our secure store, or you may send a check to our office. 

Follow-up sessions will be scheduled by Dr Laseter at the end of your first session. If one had not been made for you and you wish to have a follow-up appointment, please email Dr. Laseter. 



Request the initial evaluation and assessment from Dr Laseter, to determine if he can help you and if this will be the best fit for your needs and goals.


Rock Balancing


Schedule an Individual Guided Meditative Exercise appointment with Dr Laseter

40-60 Minutes


View of Meditation Garden



Small group Guided ME session. Available for groups of 2 or 3 people.

40-60 Minutes

$75 per person: 2 people
$50 per person: 3 people

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