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PRivate lessons 

One-to-One Instruction in Meditative-Exercise


To meet the needs of students seeking healing, teaching and personal growth, Dr Laseter offers one-on-one instruction in Meditative Exercise. This method of instruction is for those seeking increased focus on improving health, fitness, or athletic performance. Instruction in the energetic substrates of meditation, healing and martial arts is also available. One-on-one instruction can fast track those learning to teach Meditative-Exercise.


One-to-One Instruction in ME differs from Guided ME


Guided ME is for those requiring healing who cannot come into the office. Examples include,

  • Respiratory infection- suspicion of Covid-19 or confirmed Covid-19

  • Any severe illness or circumstances limiting travel

  • Distance from the office

  • Decrease the need for higher frequency of services at the office


It is not guided healing (see Guided ME). We charge less for private lessons in ME than Guided ME. Teaching you to help yourself is less taxing for Dr Laseter.


Personal instruction in ME with Dr Laseter is more than teaching. Teaching implies understanding which means something beneath, or under you. Transmission on the other hand, means you receive something beyond your understanding. Can we say how healing or the martial arts skills that I demonstrate work? We cannot. Nor can I explain it fully. It is beyond our understanding, but it can be transmitted. It is only due to cultural limitations that we have so little awareness of such things.

Cost: $100 per session, 50-70 minutes

Sessions can include an additional student or two, to facilitate teaching of healing ME, martial arts and other partnered practices

To schedule your private lesson with Dr Laseter, please call our office at 717-394-2071



To schedule your private lesson with Dr Laseter, please call our office at 717-394-2071.


Payment is due on or immediately following your private lesson. You may pay online or in our office

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